Dinosaur Hampton presents a evening to celebrate clothing and style.

An event to find your new pieces that will define your future ensemble. A party, a market, a brewery, a dance hall, and a live auction with one of a kind clothing ready to be worn.

The event will entail the live auction and a market of vendors with special curated selections. There will be a mix of vintage, new fashion, custom made, all sizes, styles, and genders. You will be able to purchase from the vendors, try stuff on, and peruse the auction pieces. Brands Include:

  • The Golden Pearl

  • The Bearded Mermaid

  • Hooplehead Vintage Club

  • Winsome Goods

  • Ouecha

  • Harrison W. Collins

  • Wilson & Willies

  • and many more….

LIVE Auction

There are 32 lots (pieces) that will be up for auction. you will reserve a numbered paddle before the auction starts. A live auctioneer will handle the bids and the prized piece goes to the highest bidder. Once the hammer comes down, it's yours! All 32 lots will be advertised a head of time with details on the brand, fit and materials. Lots will be on display starting a 6pm to browse and try on.

Featuring great local beer, food, and the auction house band: Red Wine Trio.

Event starts 6pm

Paddle registration close 7:20 (Paddles are free!)

Live auction 7:30

Read more on the vision behind the auction at the blog. Click below.

Live Auction Items

Lot #1 - The Beacon Robe x Hooplehead Vintage

Beacon robes were made in Swannanoa North Carolina since 1923. Using local cotton mills they were created as a fun patterned alternative to your fathers boring robe. Often rendered Navajo and Indian patterns, Beacon was one of the largest suppliers of camp blankets and blanket robes. This robe is from 1950, its unique by its one of a kind pattern and colored rope binding throughout the collars and cuffs. 100% cotton and super warm and perfect for your vintage inspired mornings.

Size: S-L / Shoulder: 20" / Chest: 25" / Sleeve Length: 22.5" / Full Length: 43"

Lot #2 - Levi’s 501 + Feedsack Repair x Hooplehead Vintage

Levis denim have become the most American garments ever. The invention fo the riveted blue jean in 1872 changed the workwear movement and ushered in a juggernaut in clothing culture. Adapted and coveted for years to come; the classic 501x USA redtab blue jean is ground zero for denim. This set is from the 1980's, 100% cotton with selvage line out-seam certifying it was made from selvage denim. The shining star on this set is the repairs done by local repair house Science and Kindness. Patch-worked from a 1940's Feed sack.

Size: Waist: 34" / Inseam: 31.5" / Front RIse: 12.5"

Lot #3 - HBT Military Repair Jacket x Hooplehead Vintage

HBT (Harringbone Twill) military jackets were in popular use in the feild during WW2. Traditional olive drab color and versatile cotton made it functional back then, and fashinoable now. This jacket is from the 1940's and is a unique snowflake as its peppered with creative hand repairs from local repair house Science and Kindness. Darning from a a vintage singer machine, and some hand sashiko mending.

Size: Shoulder: 19.5" / Chest: 21" / Sleeve Length: 22"

Lot #4 - Robert Plant T-Shirt x Hooplehead Vintage

Robert Plant was the lead singer of Led Zepplin and the man everyone wanted in one form or another. As the band peaked in fame, Plant ventured into a solo career in 1982. This shirt is an original tour shirt from 1988. 100% cotton worn with love, its a great piece of Rock & Roll history.

Size M / Shoulder: 18" / Chest: 20" / Neck: 9.5"

Lot #5 - Union Made Salt & Pepper Coat x Hooplehead Vintage

Everybody works, but not everybody has specifically branded "workwear." But now you can with this 1950's salt and pepper zip up work coat from Van-Tex out of Van Wert Ohio. This jacket is literally titled "A Uniform Jacket" in case there was any doubt. Closed with an authentic Talon zipper, this jacket opens it's faded cotton shell to reveal a red flannel lining keeping you warm and stylish. It is rare to see a coat this color with this lining and with this zip. a neat coat.

Size: Men's 40 / Shoulder: 20" / Chest: 23" / Sleeve Length: 27"

Lot #6 - Ralph Lauren Women’s Aviator Coat x Ryan Lovan

Ralph Lauren is and always will represent fashion and style. Through brands like Polo and RRL they have defined trends and culture. In 1994 RL launched the luxury "Purple Label" line consisting of all Italian made men's and womens wear. This is a women's aviator style coat made from authentic goatskin leather. To be worn open is a casual staple of a fall wardrobe, to button up fully harks to an era of high flying daredevil pilots whom wore their jackets as a badge of honor on the ground, as well as in the sky.

Size 4 / Shoulder: 16" / Bust: 19" / Sleeve Length: 24.5"

Lot #7 - Dark Dress x Prairie Lacrosse

Dark Dress seemed like the best description for this. It is simple and dark, and yet upon looking closer is detailed and oddly mysterious. This dress came from Prairie Lacrosse vintage and comes with no tag. A mystery if there ever was one. Dated sometime in the 1950's, it is made of a textured cotton with a feel much like a luxurious seersucker. The texture stands out in feel and color because it is a natural brown with an incredible uneven sun dye. A dark mysterious dress offering more than meets the eye, perhaps like the future garbed.

Size: Bust: 16" / Waist: 13" / Hip: 20"

Lot #8 - German Quilted Jacket x Prairie Lacrosse

Miltary garments have a unique way of entering into the canon of fashion, often as they become obsolete for army use. This remarkable piece is a 1970's German army govermanet issed quilted liner. Large coats would be worn with all the insignia advertised, but often were designed to add liners for the really cold days. In the past decades the liners have become popular by themselves. This piece is in prestine condition and is a super rare edition with twill ties instead of buttons or snaps. A unique piece for memerabilia collectors, or someone looking to heat up their style this winter.

Size 42 / Shoulder: 20" / Chest: 22.5" / Sleeve Length: 24.5"

Lot #9 - Green Embroidery Jersey x Well Worn Vintage

Sports have evolved almost as quickly as fashion has over the decades. As sports began to tax the atheletes bodies more and more, the gear they wore needed to keep up. Pads and helmets, but most importantly the jerseys needed to hold up while still flashing the team names and colors. Originally jereseys were made out of wool which would break down, but the invention of wood pulp Rayon changed everythign. This Beautiful Green Jersey is made of rayon knit produced by Russel Southern Co in 1940. On the back is a hand done one of a kind chainsttich embroidery reading "Berg Person Spt Jds." which has something to do with Philadelphia.

Size: Chest 19" Shoulder 21.5" Neck opening: 7"

Lot #10 - 40’s Party Shirt x Prairie Lacrosse

With a pattern that’s straight out of Rocko's Modern Life, this shirt is actually genuine 1940's vintage. Often the old photos we see don't give the full dynamic to pattern of clothing. Well this is proof that folks new how to get down. They probably wore this whilst dancing to the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, sipping a sidecar cocktail and smoking a smooth chesterfield. This top is a Rayon blouse with pink dyed shell buttons. Silky smooth and flows nicely from the shoulders down.

Size: Pit to pit: 21" Length: 21" Neck: 9"

Lot #11 - Wool Cape x The Golden Pearl

This lot is truly one of a kind, because it was custom made especially for the inmfaous fashion illistrator Mary Simmons. In the 1970s while living in England, she comissioned a french brand to make a number of pieces including this wool cape. Lined with red satin and a single top button closure, this piece is simple yet can be a loud as any other garment. I mean its a freaking cape! There are openings in the sides for your hands and structure for it to sit upon the shoulders. It can be worn to your next Gala, or to the local farmers market, the choice, and power is yours.

Size: Shoulder: 18" / Length: 62"

Lot #12 - Hibiscus Pool Dress x The Golden Pearl

This beautiful piece is a 70's era maxi length pool dress sporting a flowing hibiscus flower pattern. It ties over the shouldrs an can easily be worn over moset attire, or on top of nothing at all. Going to the pool doesn't alwasy mean getting wet. It is a great piece to lounge and walk about if you are interested in turing heads at your next summer beach bash. This came with no label so mysterious it remains.

Size: Chest: 18.5" / Length: 39"

Lot #13 - Gimbels Rabbit Collar Coat x The Golden Pearl

You may remember Gimbels as the deaprtment store from "Miracle on 34th Street," or because it was a super popular place to buy latest fashion for 100 years. We have a here an original Gimbels coat made of a curled faux fur, and a real rabbit fur collar. It is elegant and classy, dark with a swoon appeal. Smooth to the touch and slips on, and off, with ease. This 60's era coat will keep you warm and and make everything else you wear look more expensive, it thats what you're into.

Size: Shoulder: 20" / Bust: 21" / Length: 25"

Lot #14 - Floating Uterus Long Sleeve T x Ouecha

Ouecha brand is the invention of Chirstina Karr and Frank Lyon. The opening of their mpls studio called "Playtime" has blossomed the emotion of kindness, creativity and fun that they have cultivated with these peices. This is an all cotton long sleeve t-shirt with the embroidery on the sleeves. Right sleeve saying 'Floating" and left sleeve saying "Uterus." a 1 of 1 garment that says so much in it's infinite minimalism.

Size: Shoulder: 18.5" / Bust: 20" / Sleeve Length: 25"

Lot #15 - Yellow Adidas Suit x Ouecha

Adidas needs no introduction. A global inovator of athletic wear and fashion. The catalog of pieces feels almost infinite, and so, out comes a vintage pieces that makes all the jaws drop. This is a Athetic suit from the 80s. Canary yellow with a white collar. Matching elsastic pants with raw hem pants and sleeves. If you often go for a 1980's jog, or just look red hot often, this suit is for you. This piece is brought to us by Ouecha Brand.

Size: Top: Shoulder: 23.5" / Bust: 20" / Pant: Elastic Waist: Size S/M / Rise: 12" Inseam: 22"

Lot #16 - Silk Screened Canvas Dress x Ouecha

Ouecha has made a fully handmade A-line dress. Sewn by Becky Lyon, hand screen printed by and designed by Frank and Christina. It features an original sketched design pattern. This is made of 100% cotton canvas. Crossed straps in the back fit the shoulders nicely but open, and the dress falls at a sturdy flared angle. The red print alows the button closures to pop which are hand made yellow painted wood sculptures. Truly an all in house work of art. This one of a kind garment was made meticulously by hand with love at every single step and is sure to put a smile on everyones face who sees it.

Size: Chest: 18.5" / Length: 39"

Lot #17 - Long Grey Work Coat x Ryan Lovan

This mysterious long work coat came to us from a thrift adventure by Lovan Bros. Too unique to pass up, it has made its way all the way to Lot 17. What we know is the coat is 100% cotton, and build like a wearble tank. Clearly meant for for heavy use and protection. Some interesting pocket design could be for hammers and boxes of nails, or perhaps a cell phone and pack of smokes. It could be new, or it could be old. But most importantly it could be yours. Help write the rest of the story on this one of a kind piece.

Size: Shoulder: 24.5" / Chest: 27" / Sleeve Length: 26.5" / Full Length: 38"

Lot #18 - Vintage Bowling Shirt x Bearded Mermaid

Pin Splitter! was a line of bowling shirts made in NY by Empire Sporting Goods. In the 50's and 60's bowling was bsically like being in a gang and every team had their name and colors. This 100% Rayon shirt was custom embroidered for Charlie, and their team was Julieamo's Taxi, which probably measn they worked at a NY taxi company and also bowled after work. I like to think Charlie and his taxi crew ran the lanes just like they ran the streets, in style.

Size: Shoulder: 17.5 / Chest: 23" / Men's Medium

Lot #19 - Polo Ralph Lauren Sample Denim Jacket X Bearded Mermaid

The 2nd Ralph Lauren piece to hit the auction is by no means second best. This is a denim vintage inspired 2 pocket jacket. What makes this so special is that it is a SAMPLE jacket. Which means at the RL factory they were experimenting on design and came up with this, but never ran it in their production. And there is sat in the archive... until now! Truly one of a kind, it is a glimpse inside the mind and process of one of the greats. It is 100% cotton with 2 pleated front pockets and a chin strap. Most impressive is the giant "SAMPLE" written in the inside yoke.

Size: Shoulder: 20" / Chest: 23" / Sleeve Length: 26" / Men's Medium

Lot #20 - NWKC Zip Sweater Sample x Wilson and Willy’s

Wilson and Willies has been a MPLS fine goods staple since they opened in 2014. Shortly after, they obtained the patents and rights to North West Knitting Company which was originally founded in 1888. With a new vision and a storied history, NWKC 2.0 began making incredible garments utalizing their imfamous Merino Dual Cloth. This black sweater is a 1 of 1 sample production featuring a new zip up design with a back vent. The face fabric is a wool/nylon yarn blend, and the reverse is a polyester yarn. This 8oz fabric was crafted for performance, comfort, longevity and style. Proudly made in the US, for you.

Size: XL / Shoulder: 21" / Chest: 23" / Sleeve Length: 28"

Lot #21 - Rabam City Jacket x Raquel Anne Realm

Raquel Anne is a MPLS designer leading the charge in expression and creativity. Clothing Auction is fortunate to have 3 orignal one a kind peices from her collection. First we have a wing spread top with the silouette of Rabam city. Upon her travels, Raquel found inspiration in the shapes and colors of the vibrant cities and created this work of art. Patchworked from upcycled denim, the full stretch of the landscape was meticulously stitched on the end to end. Notice the accenting stars made with brass gems. For the more adventerous, this pieces will light up your worldy curiosity.

Size: Shoulder: 17"

Lot #22 - Black Sheet Maxi x Raquel Anne Realm

Sleek, yet stunning, yet functional. This black sheer skirt is made to be simple and curious at the same time. the length allows the satin to flow and drape over curves down to the natural hem. The front, though looks like another layer is actually sheer embroidered allowing the wearer's legs to accpmpany the dynamic lines of the garment. If you are worried about no pockets, rest your concern because this skirt comes with a fanny pack attached to the waist. You now can be elegant, sexy, proffesional, and prepared with this Raquel Anne invention.

Size: Waist: 24" / Length: 42"

Lot #23 - Wisdom Owl Jacket x Raquel Anne Realm

The 3rd Raquel Anne piece is titled "Wisdom-Owl Jacket." It is a joyful collage of colors and textures desinged into a vintage denim jacket. Fringe on the back with a harmony of tones, this jacket is loud and ambitious for the wearer who feels the same. Perched throughout the piece are woodcarved owls holding their post from seam to seam. The vision of this work is that the owl hostorically has been synonymous with wisdom. We all wish from time to time that we had a stonger compass in our lifes. This jacket carries with you the logo of wisdom and direction everywhere you go, so while wearing this garment you may feel a little more concviciton in your choices in this crazy thing we call life.

Shoulder: 20" / Chest: 19" / Sleeve Length: 22.5

Lot #24 - Mudcloth Top x Winsome Goods

Winsome Goods has been a perveyor of amazing women's garments for some time, always seeming to outdo themselves with each release. This latest creation follows suit. A one of one production especially for this auction, I present the Mud Cloth Top. Winsome creator Katie Seive was in Harlem NY and went to the Malcom X Shabazz African Market. She found this unique cloth which is hand woven and printed in 4 foot panels, which means every print is a unique snowflake. Having kept the fabric for sometime waiting for the right moment, it is now released to the world in this stunning women's top.

Size: Chest : 34.5" / Shoulder: 22"

Lot #25 - Sweater Coat x Winsome Goods

This sweater coat is a unique piece because it was actually part of a run of 15 during Winsome's FW15 collection. What we have here is the very last one! Owner Katie has had it stashed away for sometime in her personal archive. It was so popular and so well executed it seemed right to keep one as a token of such beautiful work. But in her benevolance she cares for clothes to be worn and loved, so this bird of paridise is now up for auction, looking for a new home and body to keep warm. Made from deadstock knit fabric, this piece works well as a proffessional coat or a casual robe, ready to make it's latest debut.

Size: Chest: 23" / Shoulder: 18" / Full Length: 46"

Lot #26 - Fleece Ringer Sweatshirt x Ouecha

Sweatshirts are simple, yet hold so much meaning to us. Whether it has a print, or just a great fit. It is an essentail part of a style connoisseur collection. This piece was inteded to have the perfect amount of space, and the perfect amount of pop! A crisp white cotton fleece sweater, it has fire engine red rib knit cuffs, and a dandelion yollow waist band. Ouecha brand beleives in fun and this top is for the simple adult who remembers the primary color revolution of the 90's. This piece will revive your youth, and turn up the heat on your fall ensemble, all the while reminded you that life is nothing if you don't have time to play.

Size: Shoulder: 21" / Chest: 22" / Sleeve Length: 22"

Lot #27 - Blue Western Shirt x Krammer and Stoudt

Krammer & Stoudt blends vintage New York, with a rock & roll California in their amazing eclectic catelog of pieces. Designer Mike Rubin has come up with designs that not only have been worn by the biggest Hollywood acolytes, but have also made the global fashion market swoon season after season. This shirt is cut like a tradional western shirt with pointed front yoke lines, and pearl snaps. The silky fabric is a luxurious grey and blue hue with small sequences of an intricate tie pattern. Could be worn under a suit, or on top as the melody of your outfit. Tailord lines make the drape atractive no matter if you wear it fitted or loose. K&S tends to impress with every detail in this rich garment. Made in NYC.

Size: Shoulder: 18" / Chest: 22.5" / Sleeve: 27"

Lot #28 - Roy Jacket x Krammer and Stoudt

Krammer & Stoudt have always done incredible western style pieces, while always adding a little exra spice to make it special. This drop dead jacket is called the Roy Jacket and this style has been in the collection in a few iterations. Upon popular demand the Roy Jacket has become a staple of the K&S canon; a straght fit, convertable collar, pearl snap western coat. But none have been like this. A white satin jacket with rayon shine front and back embroidery. A Nudie suit take on the retro work coat with a rock and roll twist, for the more dynamic style recipe, this jacket will be the last ingredient you need.

Size: Shoulder: 18.5" / Chest: 23" / Sleeve: 24"

Lot #29 - Mary Maxim Duck Sweater x Bearded Mermaid

The Mary Maxim company has created knitting patterns for years for crafters and makers alike. Their line of Cowichan sweaters have become a foundation of the fall celebreation nation wide. Often portraying hunting themes, this sweater displays the native mallard duck. The rarity of this design is in the single duck on the back comboines with the symentrial ducks on the front (normally the front ducks are one sided) and the color green is often a forest green so the more natural kelly green makes this sweater a gem if you like hunting, being warm, and/or mallards.

Size: Chest: 21.5" / Shoulder: 20" / Sleeve Length: 23"

Lot #30 - Woolrich Red Coat x Bearded Mermaid

Woolrich Inc, is the oldest manufacturer of outdoor wear in the US founed in 1830. Creating hunting gear and outfitting the American Civil War, Woolrich has become synonymous with quality and good looking wool clothes. This coat was made in the 90's and is designed after a Navajo style red and orange rug weave. The coat is a sngle layer of woven wool, with nylon style tape finishing on all seams. Double pocket design in the front makes the construction subtle yet very fincional. The front closure is outiftted with with steel carved 2 hole buttons. This jacket is perfect for fall and rare woven pattern is sure to snap some heads.

Size: Shoulder 24.5" / Chest: 27" / Sleeve: 26"

Lot #31 - Cream Corduroy Jacket x Harrison Collins

Harrison Collins is a MN native now living in New York. His growing repertoire of designs and garment spans from working with Corridor, to sewing Childish Gambono's pants from Bodé. However the artist's name is reserved for independnat brand as a place to explore the simple yet complex. This women's chore coat is modeled after a classic french 3 pocket coat. Mad from an unsanforized raw canvas, it features a corduroy top collar in the same cream color. Raw the first day you wear it, only to age beautifully over time. This pieces was made specifically for this auction and is the only one of its kind.

Size: Shoulder: 17.5" / Chest: 22" / Sleeve Length: 20"

Lot #32 - Embroidered Work Coat x Dinosaur Hampton

The final piece of the auction is a Dinosaur Hampton original. Based off of a French 3 pocket jacket, this piece is made with a maroon canvas, and selvage denim pockets. The front closure is a 2 button design to leave the rest open for undergarments to show. The cherry on top for this piece is the rose chain stitch embroidery. Made with love, made to we worn, made in the name if caring about style.

Size: M/L / Chest: 22" / Shoulder: 18" / Sleeve Length: 23"